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2 - 4 December 2023 / Superstudio
Meet the Community!
People of Milan

To celebrate the return of the milan coffee festival, we hit the streets of italy's bustling metropolis to chat coffee, culture, and community with some of the most extraordinary milanese people we could find.

Delving into what makes the people of Milan – and the city's unique coffee culture, truly special – we met with a myriad of Milanese people who represent good taste in every way.

What came was an exceptional curation of unique and honest moments in coffee; a photo series that not only shines a spotlight on the remarkable characters, places, and energy of the city, but blends the traditional with the progressive in a notoriously Italian way.

The entire photography collection will be exhibited at The Milan Coffee Festival, 12-14 November 2022. 


Photos by Specialty PaL

Preview images and a selection of in-depth interviews will be released across The Milan Coffee Festival's digital and social channels in lead-up to the event, and the campaign will be a key feature in the 2022 Festival Magazine.

Watch this space as we launch our 'People of Milan' Journal Series!

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