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12 - 14 November 2022 / Superstudio
The Lab
Calling all coffee geeks

Educational, inspirational and engaging. The Milan Coffee Festival’s Lab, powered by Lavazza, is designed to offer visitors an array of interactive demonstrations, workshops and tasting sessions, as well as fascinating talks and lively debates on everything from women in the coffee industry to the evolution of coffee in Italy.  

The weekend offers exciting, educational sessions to boost your knowledge and entertain. Why not learn the newest brewing methods or the secrets of home roasting?
Updated programme for 2022 coming soon! 

To get a taste of what to expect, find the full 2019 programme below! 


MCF 2019 - Saturday 

10:00 | 90 Years of Coffee: A Short History of This Drink Through the Pages of LA – Maddalena Fossati Dondero, Editor in Chief, La Cucina Italiana & Marina Migliavacca, Historical Communicator, Novelist & Journalist

10:30 | SCA Presents: Plastic Free Solutions – Eddy Righi, Caffè Pascucci

11:25 | Specialty PaL and the Moka Pot Revolution – Valentina Palange and Luca Rinaldi, Coffee Lovers, Bloggers & Content Creators, Specialty PaL

12:00 | The World in a Coffee Cup – Anna Muzio, Freelance Journalist & Andrea Cuomo, Editor, Il Giornale, authors of Mondo Caffè​

12:35 | Panel Discussion: Women in Coffee – Nadia Rossi, Journalist, Bargiornale; Serena Falcitano, Barista, Ditta Artigianale; Manuela Fensore, Trainer, Barlady Café Academy, Milano & World Latte Art Champion 2019; Simona Colombo, Group Marketing and Communications Director, Gruppo Cimbali; Ilaria Nocentini, Barista and Trainer, Espresso Academy; Simonetta Spissu, Comunicaffe; Helena Oliviero, Italian Cup Tasters Champion 2018 & Independent Trainer; Valeria Caddeo, Barista, Freelance Barista. Hosted by Valentina Palange, Coffee Lover, Blogger & Content Creator, Specialty PaL

13:30 | Lavazza Presents: We are the Solution – Dennis Zoppi, Hotel Bar Consultant and Mixology Coach, Producer of New Spirits Generation

14:05 | SCA Presents: Consumer Psychology – Matteo Barbarossa, Caffè Barbarossa​

15:00 | La Marzocco Presents Accademia Del Caffè Espresso: Training, Culture, Innovation – Marta Kokosar, General Manager & Massimo Battaglia, Head of Research, Accademia del Caffè Espresso

15:35 | The New Frontier of Taste  Francesco Sanapo, Founder, Ditta Artigianale

16:30 | Coffee Pairing with Chocolate, starring Gianluca Fusto and MUMAC Academy – Gianluca Fusto, Maître Chocolatier & Pâtissier with Trainers, MUMAC Academy

17:05 | Nice & Nasty Coffee and Cocktails Takeover​ –Anastasia Artamonova, Owner, Nice & Nasty & Franco Tucci Ponti, Mixologist

MCF 2019 - Sunday  

10:05 | The Five Eras of Coffee – Jonathan Morris, Research Professor in Modern European History, University of Hertfordshire

10:30 | Direct Trade: What Does It Mean? – Francesco Sanapo, Founder, Ditta Artigianale

11:05 | MUMAC Museum by Gruppo Cimbali: Heritage becomes a story and anticipates the future – Barbara Foglia, Manager, MUMAC

11:40 | Panel Discussion: La Marzocco Presents: Coffee Encounters – Chef Gianluca Rossetti, Eataly, Gianni Tratzi, Espresso Specialist at Accademia del Caffè Espresso and Brand Ambassador at La Marzocco; Alessandro Foglino, Graphic Designer, La Marzocco; Mariangela Negroni, owner, Funky Table.  Hosted by Michael Gardenia, Content Creator and Founder, Fusillo Lab​

12:35 | Coffee Pairing with Panettone. A MUMAC Academy Way to Wish you Happy Holidays – Trainers, MUMAC Academy

13:10 | Panel Discussion: From the Old to the New: How the Milanese coffee shops changed over the years – Mario Alemi, Owner, Café 124; Alessandro Interrante & Salvatore Interrante, Owners, Bar Affori; Giuseppe Dabbene, Owner, Miccone; Daniele Paino, Owner, L'Americano che amava le Brioche; Francesco Sanapo, Founder ,Ditta Artigianale.  Hosted by Michael Gardenia, Founder, Fusillo Lab

14:05 | SCA Presents: Alternative Methods – Alessandro Galtieri, Aroma Caffè Pregiati

15:00 |  The I Progetti ¡Tierra! Project and the Sustainability Approach – Valentina Palange, Coffee Lover, Blogger & Content Creator, Specialty PaL; Nadia Rossi, Journalist and Coffee Lover, Bargiornale; Fondazione Lavazza

15:55SCA presents: Specialty, Commercial and ​Markets –Enrico Romano, C.B.C, Coffee Trade

MCF 2019 - Monday 

10:30 | SCA Presents: A World in Ferment – Alberto Polojac, Bloom Coffee School

11:25 | MUMAC Academy presents: Coffee and All the Fun of Sugar Free Pastries – Trainers, MUMAC Academy with EUTOPIA Milano

12:00 | Lavazza Presents: Lavazza i Terra! La Habana

12:35 | Launching a Specialty Coffee Shop in Italy – Burak Alici, Founder, QVIDTVM (Presentation in English)

13:10 | SCA Presents: The Talking Barista  Chiara Bergonzi, Roaster & Coffee Expert, Lot Zero

14:05 | La Marzocco Presents: Coffee Workflow – Gianni Cocco, Italian Coffee Trainer Aicaf, Italian Academy of Coffee Masters

14:40 | Panel Discussion: Social media in the Italian Coffee Industry – Michael Gardenia, Content Creator and Founder, Fusillo Lab; Anastasia Artamonova, Photographer and Founder, Nice & Nasty Bar; Federico Pezzetta & Federica Balestrieri, Professional Photographers and Content Creators, CoffeeAndLucas (Romedia Studio); Debora Dusina, Social Media Specialist, Gruppo Cimbali; Alice Monti, Content Creator, His Majesty the Coffee. Hosted by Valentina Palange, Coffee Lover, Blogger & Content Creator, Specialty PaL

15:35 | Panel Discussion: The Roaster Panel – A panel discussion with Andrea Lattuada, Owner, Little Bean Roastery; Antonio Biscotti, Owner, Torrefazione Griso; Edoardo Quarta, Owner, Quarta Caffè; Gian Andrea Sala, Owner, Spirit of Coffee. Hosted by Gianni Tratzi, Espresso Specialist at Accademia del Caffè Espresso and Brand Ambassador, La Marzocco

16:30 | The Five Eras of Coffee – Jonathan Morris, Research Professor in Modern European History, University of Hertfordshire

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