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7Elements Peru

9 Grams Coffee


Creating delicious plant powered foods & drinks with soya, almonds, rice, oats & coconut. Good for you & good for the planet. Enjoy #plantpower!

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Astoria Srl

Established in 1969, Italian company Astoria designs and manufactures professional coffee machines which are used by experts and coffee lovers in over 150 countries around the world.

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Borea Specialty Coffee

Brasil Moka

Bravilor Bonamat


BRITA is leader in water optimisation and water is the basis of our business. BRITA are directly involved in filtering, optimising and individualising this vital resource, helping people to improve their water quality for personal and professional use. BRITA's personal motto is: We offer to everybody the best possible drinking water experience according to their individual expectations.

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Bugan Coffee Lab

Bugan Coffee Lab was born from passion, from the aim of spreading and teaching the culture of coffee. This is a laboratory of tasting and research for all those who truly love coffee, based in Bergamo.

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BWT Water + More Italia SRL

European leader in water filtration, with a full range of products to satisfy any barista's needs, from various cartridge solutions for different water quality, to automatic softeners and the most compact and highly technological reverse osmosis systems.


Cafe Belleville

Cafezal Specialty Coffee

Top-3 Best Independent Coffee Shop in Europe in 2018/19, Cafezal is the first Specialty Coffee micro-roastery in Milan.

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Caffè Barbera 1870

Barbera Coffee Co. is the oldest Italian coffee roasting company with over 150 years of history based in Naples. Barbera Caffè 1870 exports its premium coffee products in over 60 countries and boasts a coffee chain called ''Cafe barbera since 1870'' with over 60 global outlets.

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Caffè Pascucci

Blends and Specialty Coffee importer and roaster, direct trade and franchising Coffee Shop creators, academy.

Caffelab srl.

EDO Barista

EDO Barista: your ally in the coffee industry. All products for the barista, to help him in his daily work.

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Edo Quarta Coffee Roasters

I am Edoardo Quarta, together with my brother Gaetano, we represent the fourth generation of roasters of the family business Quarta Caffè S.p.a. of Lecce. In 2014 my brand "Edo Quarta Coffee Roasters" was born and since then I have been dealing with the selection of single origin specialty coffees.

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Emanuele Tomassi Coffee Roaster

Etna Roaster

Filicori Zecchini

Five Elephant

Forno Brisa

Forno Brisa is more than a bakery: we are a catalyst for relationships, a pizzeria, a pastry shop, a cafeteria, a breadbar and a farm. For us, bread is a good food, we take care of its environmental, social, economic and nutritional sustainability.

Fusillo Lab

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Garage Coffee Bros

Gearbox Coffee Roasters

Gearbox Coffee Roasters was born from an idea of Tommaso Bongini, quality control manager for Caffè Mokarico, his family business. Tommaso wanted to build a company that combined his two greatest passions - coffee and cars, two differing worlds that he believed were actually close in nature. Gearbox Coffee Roasters is a brand of speciality coffees for coffee lovers, where heritage and innovation blend together to produce a new coffee product. 

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Gruppo Izzo Srl

The Izzo Group produces coffee according to the Neapolitan tradition, born in 1979, from the passion of the founder Vincenzo Izzo. The company is family run, now in its second generation, with an expression of quality and passion. As a small coffee roaster it has become an Italian and foreign reference point in coffee processing for the Ho.Re.Ca.


His Majesty The Coffee

His Majesty the Coffee is a micro-roastery and one of the first companies in Italy to deal only with specialty coffee. It means that they only buy coffees with no primary defects and scoring at least 80 points out of an 100 during the cupping taken by a certified Q-Grader.

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Istituto Espresso Italiano

Kalve Coffee Roasters

Kito Coffee Places

Kito Coffee Places is a new brand, born from a genuine passion for quality coffee. Dealing only with specialty coffee, it aims at spreading coffee culture and at engaging coffee lovers in an experiential journey through the world of coffee.

La Cimbali

Cimbali Group is a world leader in the design and production of professional espresso machines. The continuous search for innovative solutions, attention to detail and a particular focus in design, has allowed us to bring passion, tradition, design, quality and coffee culture into the world of the barista and coffee lover since 1912.

La Cucina Italiana

La Marzocco

La Marzocco, founded in 1927 by the Bambi brothers, is specialised in producing high-end handcrafted coffee machines geared towards excellence, quality cup and style. A leader in espresso innovation and design, it is headquartered near Florence with 12 offices and 100 distributors worldwide.

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La Musa Nera Coffee Roasters

La Sosta Specialty Coffee

La Sosta Specialty Coffee was born in 2016 in Florence to spread a renovated coffee experience by selecting and roasting ONLY Specialty Coffees, sharing a slow and engaging break.


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Le Piantagioni del Caffè Srl

Because every coffee is unique, Le Piantagioni del Caffè rigorously selects coffee only directly from estates. We keep the fragrances and flavours intact from plant through to cup, to preserve the original richness and drinkers of our Speciality coffee can enjoy the quality that has made us unique for the last 110 years.

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Lot Zero


This new brand by Sevengrams provides the best selection of specialty coffee beans artisan-roasted by the skilled hands of Chiara Bergonzi.

Mi Tomorrow

MOK Specialty Coffee


With 100 years of experience, MONIN has become a reference in the flavoured drink market with a broad range of more than 150 flavours available. 

Naturera Polot 1882

ORSO - Laboratorio Caffè

Peacocks Coffee Roasters

Picapau - Coffee Roastery

Pierre Café

Pierre Café represents the harmony between tradition and progress. The Paternoster brothers are proudly managing the Pierre Café Roastery, first opened in the early 1980s from their parents. “We were born amongst coffee beans. We carry passion for coffee in our blood”.

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Quarta Coffee Roasters

Rancilio Group

Rancilio Group manufactures and sells professional coffee machines worldwide. The product range includes the traditional Rancilio espresso machines, the Egro fully-automatic coffee machines, a "Home Line" and coffee grinders. 

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Rocket Espresso

Rocket Espresso, based in Milan, is a producer of premium handmade espresso machines.

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Santa Fara caffè

The Bridge

The Bridge is a family business located in the province of Vicenza. They produce 100% organic drinks, desserts and creams, made with carefully selected and certified ingredients. All products are vegan, lactose-free, cholesterol-free, and most also gluten-free.

Torrefazione Lady Cafè

Young Cup Coffee

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