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24 agosto 2022
The Cafezal Coffee Hub: An interview with Carlos Bitencourt
Milan's Specialty Coffee scene welcomes the newest addition to the Cafezal family... The Cafezal Coffee Hub.
You’ve opened a new store in Milan, tell us about your new coffee place and it’s DNA?

The Cafezal Coffee Hub is a large store located in the heart of Milan, hosting our new roastery and laboratory, as well as a 500m2 space where our customers can have a complete coffee experience. We use technology to show our customers every espresso extraction including several drip methods, like turkish/ibrik, v-60, Aeropress, Chemex and the Italian Moka. We also offer specific coffee courses in our new Coffee Academy which is inside the Hub and a co-working space for 12 people, as well as a Members Club dedicated to coffee lovers. Hungry? Our Coffee Hub serves breakfast, lunch, brunch and early "aperitivo" with some alcoholic and non-alcoholic signature drinks.


Can you tell us about your approach to sourcing coffee and roasting?

Today Cafezal procures around 60% of its coffees directly from farmers in Brazil, Panama and Ethiopia. We believe in the filter and espresso roasting approaches, so each coffee is profiled based on the final usage of the drink. 

What can you tell us about the traditional Milanese approach to coffee roasting, and the new coffee movement which embraces a new, lighter roast?

Traditionally coffee has been mainly seen in Milan as an "energy-loading drink", following very much the southern Italian traditional culture of strong coffee blends with a high percentage of Robusta. In the last 5 years and mainly after COVID-19, the perception of "alternative" brewing methods has increased in Milan, as well as the request for light roasting coffees. The awareness of Specialty Coffee is increasing more and more, and I predict that in the next 2 / 3 years the "modern coffee" culture will be even more embedded in Milan and northern Italy, and Milanese people will be consuming in much higher levels of mid-light and light roast
What are you presenting on your stand at MCF?

We are presenting 2 of our newest single-origin coffees, and a brewing corner where we will rotate our light-roast coffees.


We are delighted to start a new partnership as part of our Aperitivo Corner, tell us more about your bar offering and what to expect with your pastries and cocktails.

In our Pastries Corner we will offer croissants with home-made fillings (lemon and cardamom "crema", chocolate ganache with raspberries and chocolate ganache with caramelised oranges), as well as our salty "brioches", regular and veggie (ham and fontina cheese; raw ham, olives' pate and creme fraiche, etc). We will also serve our signature "Pão de Queijo", a typical Brazilian recipe. In our Aperitivo Corner we will serve 2 of our signature drinks, the Cold Brew Negroni: Vermouth, campari, gin, orange bitter and the classic Espresso Martini: Wodka, liquore caffe, zucchero, espresso;

Join us for more coffee and cocktails at Milan Coffee Festival 2022.

Explore Cafezal here.

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