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11 agosto 2022
BRITA: An Interview with Elena Scordamaglia
So you've tried and tasted every roast and bean under the sun to eventually find your favourite cup of coffee. But are we forgetting the core, fundamental component that makes up 98% of that perfect cup? Yes... your coffee CAN taste better!
Water makes up 98% of the content of your coffee, what are the key principles coffee lovers must know?

Water is not only a chemistry compound and the best known formula in the world, it is also the most emotional food in the world with ingredients that can have different sensory dimensions.

This 3x3 formula explains the connection between water and coffee:
  • 3 parameters: Coffee, water and preparation
  • 3 ingredients of water: Minerals, disinfectants and organic compounds
  • 3 influences of water: Extraction, interaction and flavour
For an excellent coffee you need:
  • Water with a balanced amount of minerals (for the right extraction of flavours and acidity) is ideal for a balance in aromas, body and bitterness.
  • Water without treatment substances (no chlorine and chlorinated substances), because they interact with coffee acids and can cause a reduction of acidity and change the flavour profile.
  • Water without organic compounds (no plasticisers, solvents, plant protecting agents), often they have very low odour thresholds. Although they are highly controlled in drinking water, they can sometimes still be present.
Brita is the official water partner of Roast Masters, what will be available?
We will offer 2 different kinds of water with a different amount of minerals inside. The difference should influence the extraction of coffee, in body and aroma. The hardness of both will be different:
  • Softened water – Ideal for those who want to offer a unique espresso experience, with water that supports the development of the typical aromas from the ground coffee beans, and ensures a stable crema with the perfect colour and consistency. High amount of minerals. Carbonate Hardness >10dH.
  • Decarbonised water – Ideal for those who want to fulfil the highest quality in the cup, with the reduction of carbonate hardness this water supports the right balance in aromas, body and bitterness. Medium amount of minerals. Carbonate Hardness: 3-5 dH.
What are your top tips to get the water correct for your coffee at home?

At home, tap water may contain substances such as limescale, chlorine or organic compounds with a negative impact on taste and aroma. Why is it a problem?
  • Unpleasant taste
  • Coffee doesn't look appealing
  • Off-flavour and unpleasant aroma

It is very important to filter tap water at home to get rid of unwanted substances and to create the ideal mineral composition. The best solution is to use domestic filtration systems such as BRITA jugs or On-tap: easy, smart and sustainable (reduce the use of plastic)!

What is a water sommelier? How did you get your qualification?

In 2020 we started the BRITA Taste Force - an extensive trainings program with 13 colleagues from nine different countries and all three BRITA business segments.
Within four online trainings and a final practical workshop in Taunusstein, we dealt with:
  • Water chemistry and physiology of organoleptic sensation
  • Sensory dimension of water
  • Impact on water compounds on sensory of water
  • Influences of water on beverages
  • "Water for coffee" or "water and wine"

All the members of the BRITA Taste Force had to proof their knowledge and skills in several tests, as well as focussing our senses. We have been certificated according to DIN EN ISO8586, becoming BRITA Water Sommeliers. 

This was an amazing project! We learned from our teachers of the Sensory Lab in BRITA HQ and the training participants about tastings at a distance, taste challenges in the markets, and the energy of a motivated team. The process with the team was fun and we are all passionate, disciplined and ambitious, contributing to successful training. Our journey together began in October 2020 until November 2021, and now the first important milestone has been reached: the BRITA Sommelier family is ready to experience sustainable "water drinking" and enjoyment together.


What can we expect at your water sommelier experience at MCF?

Together, we will explore the BRITA Water Wheel: this is a flavour wheel dedicated exclusively to water developed by BRITA.

We will discover odour, taste and mouthfeel of different types of water, with easy and involving tasting sessions. You don’t need to be an expert to do it, just be curious and trust your senses!

Visit BRITA at Stand M12 to find out more.

P.s. BRITA will be treating the water of all coffee purveyors at the MCF. What does this mean? Visitors will get the best from all brews! Not only this... stay hydrated at the BRITA hydration station, dont forget...bring your reusable bottle! 

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