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2 - 4 December 2023 / Superstudio
It's show time!
Latte Art Live: Watch the Pros in Action
What is Latte Art Live?
Latte Art Live is an interactive zone dedicated to the highly popular skill, Latte Art - hosted by our friends at Alpro

Boasting some of the world’s best latte artists, this experiential area enables visitors to watch and take part in hands-on workshops and demonstrations to learn the techniques and skills needed to create jaw-dropping masterpieces.

And of course our Lattes cannot be made without good coffee! Cafezal are bringing us the best beans for our baristas to work with!
The exciting three-day programme includes daily latte art throwdowns and opportunities for visitors to practice artistic expression in coffee.

Take a look below to see what's on:


MCF 2022 - Saturday

10:30 | From the Heart to the Swan​ – Francesco Marrazzo di The Pure Cafè

11:30| The plant based beverages in the world: A worldwide growth trend – Damien Burgess

12:30 | The Importance of Coffee in Latte Art – Angelo Segoni trainer, barista ed esperto del caffè

13:30 | Shall we make a tulip? – Thomas Fontana

14:30 | From the Heart to the Rosette– Alessandro D'Antoni, Cafezal

15:30 | The Care that a Cappuccino Deserves in a Café –Sayuri Kitami, barista di Ditta Artigianale


MCF 2022 - Sunday 

10:15 | Latte Art Masterclass – Fabio Colicchia

11:15 | Alpro Top Bar  – Damien Burgess

12:15 | Meet the Latte Artist – Gianni Cocco

13:15 | Latte Art with Lina!– Lina Zheng, Cafezal

14:15 | The Care that a Cappuccino Deserves in a Café –Sayuri Kitami, barista di Ditta Artigianale

15:15 | Shall we make a tulip? – Thomas Fontana

16:15 | Free Pour Rosetta -  Pietro Vannelli, Latte Art Champion 2015

MCF 2022 - Monday

10:30 | The plant based beverages in Italy: From soy to other ingredients to a diverse range.–Damien Burgess

11:30| Meet the Latte Artist – Gianni Cocco

12:30 | The Cappuccino as a Champion– Carmen Clemente

13:30 | Cappuccino VS Flat White – Stefano Grillo

14:30 | From the Heart to the Rosette– Alessandro D'Antoni, Cafezal

15:30 | Cappuccino at the bar: Carmela explains it to us!​ – Carmela Maresca

The Machine

When bringing together world class baristas and top quality ingredients, you need to ensure you have the very best equipment to match. And there's no latte art without a perfect espresso, and Latte Art Live 2019's got the coolest machine going.



The Modbar espresso system consists of one espresso tap and one espresso module, with steam and pour-over systems to create all new bar designs, enhanced customer experiences and improved ergonomics and workflow patterns for the coffee professional.


Check out the modbar in action on the highlight video below...


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