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12 - 14 November 2022 / Superstudio
Roast Masters™



Designed by the creators of Coffee Masters, Roast Masters™ is the cutting-edge tournament celebrating the best specialty roasters on the planet.

This year at MCF, 20 of Italy's best specialty roasters will compete in teams in a fast-paced, head-to-head, knockout tournament:


#1 The Espresso Smackdown
> Competitors bring 3 coffees (a light and a medium single origin, and a blend)
> Head-to-head format, 3 rounds (light vs light, medium vs medium, blend vs blend)
> Best tasting coffees win each round (best of 3)

#2 The Latte Art Showdown
> Spin the roulette, get assigned a shape
> Pour and win! (best of 3)
> Judged on appearance and taste

#3 The Brew Faceoff
> 1 coffee, filter roast
> Presented in 2 minutes
> Judged on taste, presentation and showmanship

#4 The Signature Drink
> 12 mins to create a signature beverage
> Mystery ingredients provided on the day
> Judged on taste, creativity, professionalism, presentation and showmanship

Put through their paces by a panel of industry-leading judges in front of a crowd, this is the ultimate test of skills, know-how and commercial aptitude. This is a unique opportunity to excel in front of key industry players and an international audience. 


We are assembling the very best roasters in Italy to showcase their skills at Roast Masters 2022. More roasters to follow,  APPLY HERE for your chance to compete in the RM22.

- Il Manovale
- Tamper
- Vannelli Coffee
- Cafezal Specialty Coffee
- Chiccopezzini
- Picapau Coffee Roastery
- RoundK Coffee Roasters
- Nudo
- Bloom Specialty Coffee
- Orso Laboratori Caffe
- Garage Coffee Bros
- Caffe Pascucci
- Caffe' Rinaldi

Think you've got what it takes to compete in Roast Masters 2022? There is still time! 


The Machine 

Our Roast Masters contestants will be able to flaunt their expertise on the prestigious Slayer Steam EP machine. This beautiful and reliable push button volumetric machine was specifically designed to meet the demands of high volume work flow.

Sophistication meets intuition with the Slayer Steam EP, the centralised Heads-up barista dashboard makes it easy to operate and program volumetrics, temperature, pre-wet and more, giving each potential Roast Master complete control throughout the tournament. It's no wonder this machine is making its entrance to the Roast Masters stage.

To get a taste of what to expect, take a look at Roast Masters™ 2019 judge and MC panel below. More information of 2022 to follow - keep your eyes peeled! 



The Judges



Owner, Swedish barista and Brewers Cup champion, Koppi


Anne Lunell is a Swedish barista champion and the visionary behind Koppi, an internationally respected and well-loved coffee roaster in the Swedish town of Helsingborg, which she founded in 2007 with Charles Nystrand.



Roaster, Lot Zero


Chiara Bergonzi is an SCA educator, coffee roaster, consultant, and international judge with 15 years’ experience in the coffee industry.

Chiara won the Italian Latte Art Championships from 2012 – 2014, placed second in the 2014 World Latte Art Championships (Melbourne), and published her own book ‘Latte Art’ in 2016. She is the artisan roaster of specialty coffee brand ‘Lot Zero’ and a renowned consultant for start-up shops in the coffee industry.


Roaster and owner, Caffè Cognetti

Davide Roveto started his coffee journey over 8 years ago as a barista at the family shop. A certified trainer and restaurant consultant since 2013, Davide became an SCA educator in 2015 and has judged Final Barista Competitions in Dubai, Italy, and Sweden (2018, 2019).

After visiting several farms to learn about the coffee production process, Davide turned the family business into a micro-roastery, founding ‘Caffè Cognetti – Microtorrefazione’ and opening 3 coffee shops in Southern Italy.


Roaster and owner, Gardelli Specialty Coffees

Currently WCE World Coffee Roasting Champion (2018), Rubens Gardelli almost needs no introduction. He is owner of Gardelli Specialty Coffee, a specialty coffee roaster based in Italy known for its distinct and expert approach to roasting.  

Rubens has won numerous titles during his time in coffee, including WCE Italy Coffee Roasting Championship (2014, 2016, 2017) and Italy Brewers Cup (2014, 2015).

2019 - The MCs

Francesco Sanapo


Owner of Ditta Artigianale, Roaster, Award-winning Barista Champion, Barista Trainer


Francesco Sanapo has been three times Italian Barista Champion and has participated at the World Barista Championship in Melbourne, Australia, ranking in 6th place.

Ditta Artigianale‘s adventure started in 2013, it was created to highlight the quality of Italian craftsmanship applied to the coffee world. Ditta Artigianale is not only the first line of Italian specialty bar but also a micro-roastery, where coffees are roasted and served fresh.

Antonia Trucillo


Marketing and Accademia Manager at Cesare Trucillo Spa; and Trainer SCA


After graduating in Marketing and Corporate Communication in Milan at IULM University Antonia Trucillo returned home to take over the family business; Cesare Trucillo Spa (roasters) founded in 1950 by her grandfather.

She spent three years in the roles of Marketing and Accademia Trucillo Manager, dealing with  green coffee Quality Control. She is Authorized SCA Trainer of the Specialty Coffee Association and she will qualify as a Q Grader. 

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